Come Fly with Me!

A sightseeing flight is the most exciting, unforgettable way to experience the most vibrant city in Central Europe – Budapest!

Fly with me at cost price!

I got my Private Pilot License in 2013, and since then I have more than 100 flight hours and 200 takeoffs. Since I’m trying to make it as a commercial pilot, I have to have 200 hours before I am able to apply for such jobs. That is why I have decided to give tours around the Budapest area, as well as around Hungary. This is a fantastic opportunity for you because you can fly at cost price with a super-cool and entertaining pilot 😉 And such a super view up there waiting for you:

Where can we fly?

Basically everywhere, wherever you’d like. We can fly along the Danube Bend to Esztergom, watch Budapest from a bird’s eye view, or we can hop to Lake Balaton for a lunch. It’s all up to you! Hungary has more than 50 airports where we can land and explore the cities.

How many passengers?

Plane that will be flown will be a Cessna 172, seating the pilot and 3 passengers.

How much?

The price break down is based on three passengers at a time. One hour of flying costs 15 000 HUF per person (~50 EUR)  In that amount of time we can get around the whole Danube Bend, Esztergom, Budapest, and also the Hungaroring Formula 1 race track. Of course, it is possible to make shorter or longer trips.

To sum up, this is a great option for both you and me! You’ll be richer with the wonderful experience of flying well below the market price, while helping me to build-up flying hours.
Would you like to fly or have any questions? Please feel free to contact me:

+36 20 287 7955

Budapest légifotó

Budapest from above. Not bad 🙂

Megyeri Híd

The bridge of M0 Freeway

Cessna 150 Budapest felett

2000 feet high in a Cessna 150


Margit Island

Budapest belváros

Budapest downtown

Megyeri Híd

Megyeri Bridge

M0 és M3 találkozás

M0 and M3 junction



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These photos were taken during a joy flight last summer. Doors Photography